Dave Smith


Almost everyone has a digital camera nowadays, and many would argue that this proliferation has led to a glut of mediocre images populating every walk of life. However, I would argue that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Why do we take photographs if not to look at them, to help us recall moments we don't want to forget, and most of all, to enjoy them.

My belief is that it doesn't matter that the end result may not be up to others' standards; the standards that are important are your own, and in my case, the journey is the most important thing. And if we can enjoy the end result, then so much the better . I'm afraid that I fall into the category of another guy with a camera, but again, I don't believe that what I do is necessarily a bad thing. We all need a little change in our lives, and if that change can come about through the peace and tranquility of an intimate moment, then why not try and capture that feeling forever?

Yes, the photos on this site are personal, captured while taking a break from the hurley burley of everyday life, and I have attempted to convey the nature of the surroundings in which they were taken. I hope that you will enjoy them.

Before too long, I hope to have many of the photos from this site available for purchase - I'll be offering a series of limited edition prints on archival media, along with a selection of smaller print sizes and posters. Please visit this site again soon as I hope to have these availble shortly.